BUSS® in Early Years Groups

Introductory Webinar

The BUSS® in Early Years group is a 12-week programme designed for preschool children and their foster carers or new adoptive parents and their newly adopted children. Sessions 1 and 12 are for parents or carers only. Session 1 is designed to build parents understanding of the model and give them the chance to try out some of the activities that we’ll do in the group. Session 12 is the chance to reflect with parents on the work they’ve done and how to consolidate and build on the progress they’ve made in the group.

The group brings together groups of parents and carers. As well as the support and friendships that can develop from groups, the group itself focuses on supporting parents and carers to building their children’s foundation sensorimotor systems within attuned, nurturing relationships. The activities used in the group are fun, simple and engaging and parents are encouraged to continue the games between sessions.

Parents and carers complete before and after measures, looking at foundation sensory motor systems, emotional regulation and relationships.

We aim to have groups running in Leeds, Harrogate and Halifax – please get in touch with us if you’re interested in this – info@bussmodel.org .

To become a Group Work Practitioner, you must first be Level One trained. You can then take part in the Groupwork training programme. Thinking about Groups, most organisations choose to have at least two people who are trained to Level One, who can then be supported by other team members.

Once enrolled on the BUSS® in Early Years Groupwork training programme, you will be sent the BUSS® in Early Years handbook, which is the manual for running the group. It contains detailed plans for each group, a description of resources needed, pre and post group measures, letters for parents and carers and detailed information about grading / differentiating activities according to the needs of individual children.

The groupwork training is a 2-stage process. The first part of the training is embedded in the BUSS® in Early Years handbook and takes 4 – 5 hours to complete.  There are recorded sessions for staff supporting the group as well as sessions for group leaders. This part of the training can be done in sections and must be completed before the part two. There is a knowledge check for group leaders between parts one and two.

The second part of the training can be delivered remotely or in person. This is a 3-hour training which builds on the preparatory work completed in part one. It offers the opportunity to think about the individual children and families coming to the group, review screening questionnaires and ‘walk through’ the first sessions of the group.

Supervision has long been an integral part of clinical practice and is just as relevant in the Early Years Groupwork. Supervision is embedded within the 12-week groupwork programme.  These give the opportunity to discuss the progress of children in the group, build understanding of their developing foundation sensorimotor systems and think about grading and differentiation of activities within the group.

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