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Introductory Webinar

We’re a friendly team with experience of helping children and young people who might be struggling with their bodies – inside and out!



Sometimes our bodies can’t help us enough with the things that we want to do. Perhaps…

How does BUSS help?

We’ll show you and your family games and activities to help your body work better for you.

We’ll work hard to try and make sure the activities are fun for you and your family to do.

BUSS looks at 3 main areas of your body and movement systems. These have names that you don’t hear everyday but it is helpful to know what they are.


Vestibular System:

This system gives our body enough stability to move. So we’re strong from our head down through our trunk, as well as feeling good when our feet are off the ground.

Proprioceptive System:

This system helps our body know where it is because it’s getting strong messages from the muscles and joints. Some people call this body awareness or having a good body map. It helps us move without bumping into things or needing to use our eyes.

Tactile System:

This system helps us understand the world around us. It means we can recognise important sensations like pressure, pain, hot or cold, but also can help us feel comforted or safe. We like to think a lot with you about taste and touch in the BUSS team.

Level 3 Module

What will we do?

Feedback from other young people who have worked with the BUSS team:


“BUSS has been really useful. I’ve built a better understanding of ‘where my limbs are’, I also found the exercises easy to integrate into my daily routine. I now do them without even realising I am doing them.”

 –  H, 17 years old


“I wasn’t as good at playing football and cricket as my friends. This made me feel sad and frustrated. My Mum and Dad encouraged me to do the BUSS activities, which were actually quite good fun. My coordination is so much better and I can kick and catch a ball just like my friends.”

–  L, 8 years old

Do you have any questions?


If you have any questions or want to know more, you can email Katie on: katie.wrench@bussmodel.org


We look forward to seeing you! 

From, the BUSS Team


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